Christmas Cards

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 Christmas card with light green

How is so much bright green in the design of a Christmas card?

The trend color bright green has now also arrived at the design of Christmas cards. Green is associated with ecology and health in Germany. The friendly light green fits perfectly to the Merry Christmas and the corresponding greetings. Correctly modern, the Christmas card is used in combination with pink and orange.

Green has a completely different meaning in America than with us

Even in the USA, green is a trend color, but with a completely different context. Green is on the other side of the Atlantic for prosperity. There you can see a green lawn. In Germany such a way of thinking is hardly to be found, therefore other contents are transported with green.

Christmas card motifs for industries print online

 Christmas cards with fabric motifs
Every industry has its own special feature. Here you can also create Christmas cards for your branch online and print them at a super cheap price. This creative map motif consists of stitched fabrics. Handwork is back in. If you are dealing with this subject professionally or also privately, you will find especially funny Christmas cards on the subject of fabric. Other industries such as electrical engineering or mechanical engineering are also looking for.

 Christmas cards in retro style

Christmas cards in the retostil of the still older vintage style

Absolutely popular in Germany are card designs in retro style or vintage style. The designers orient themselves on the past. The vintagestyle usually refers to the time of ending book-writing until the end of the sixties and seventies. In retro style, strong geometric patterns and lush colors of the 70s, 80s and 90s are the origin. In this Christmas card, the designer has captured the fascinating forms of Christmas balls. The color play is modern with reduction to a base color (blue) and a dominant color (red-orange).

Cotton Christmas cards printed in 100% cotton

You can feel and see the difference between a paper and cotton Christmas card. The surface of a Cotton card shows much more structure. We print with dry paint and melt the pigments onto the cotton surface. The result is a wonderful print on a wonderful new substrate.

 Christmas card modern

Modern and creative Christmas cards printed

So: To the color green you will not get around if you want to have a top modern Christmas card printed. Here is a sample card that is very suitable for business. The structure of the Christmas tree can very well be associated with sound waves or electronic waves. Despite the technical orientation, this Christmas card looks very warm and cheerful, just: Merry Christmas.