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Print your cards favorably in HD-Quality

HD printing impresses with its outstanding sharpness and a very balanced print image. Take advantage of our first-class finishing at the top price. Silk-gloss lacquer and highly glossy lacquer are very popular among customers. With a cellophane coating, we laminate the surface with a thin, thin or glossy film. TIP: Very popular are cards on structural materials. New in the printing program are cards on a recycling carton. Here you will find the cheap folding cards .

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Printing thanks cards and greeting cards

 Simple thank you card Thanks cards capture memories of beautiful events of a lifetime. Let your loved ones participate in it. You can make your own thank you card and provide a printable PDF. We print your PDF in CMYK mode but also with unchanged RGB images from your digital camera. You can also make your cards online. Upload your pictures and use our beautiful layouts, which you can change as you wish for your map design.

Printing Postcards print in many different varieties

 Postcards with gold When it comes to selling postcards, it is like the templates for our online designer: Customers like motifs that are not seen as a favorite by the graphic artists. TIP: the last clicks are at the front. When it comes to postcard printing, it makes sense to find the customer's taste through several selection motifs. Even small differences like frames or varnishes have an enormous effect. Just take a look at our top designs for all designs. Floral design elements are very popular. A classic in the postcards are high gloss lacquered front pages. We have adapted our postal card range to this. The material offers a further differentiation in the printing of postcards. Alternatively, you can have your postcards printed on the MunkenPure design box. In the digital printing process, the colors are much more powerful than offset printing. Of course, your postcards are still powerful in the colors. Postcards with special features are clearly the standard postcards in the sale.

Why invitation cards are cheaper than postcards

print postcards with gold Many customers print invitation cards for personal celebrations or events in the form of a postcard. The most interesting thing about postcards is the shipping postage. A normal letter costs in Germany now 0.70 EURO the postcard only 0.45 EURO. The post office has changed the shipping tariffs even with larger quantities.

What resolution is recommended for the HD printing of cards?

When you create a jpg for offset or standard digital printing, a resolution of 300 dpi is usually sufficient. This general industry recommendation pressure is to be seen against the background that the file size increases with the resolution exponentially and the transmission and computing capacities before problems. But when it comes to HD printing, the picture quality should not be saved. We recommend a resolution of your image file of 400 dpi. The advantage is that filigree details of your invitation cards can be printed finer.

Create and print maps with different styles

 Cards for every taste If you want to design maps online, you have very different designs available. You'll find classic card layouts, witty or daring but also romantic card designs.

Create invitation cards with your own photo online

 Invitation cards with own picture Uniquely beautiful invitation cards with your own picture can be designed online at our online printing shop. The design software does not have to be installed on the computer. The photos can be easily uploaded. The printing costs for invitation cards are equally favorable whether you are printing a print PDF or creating the layout online.

Invitation cards for birthday print

 Invitation cards designed for birthday online You can have very nice birthday cards printed at our online printing shop. We print on a high-quality picture-printing box, but also on very noble special materials from the most prestigious fine paper manufactures in the world. If you are looking for suggestions for the design of your birthday invitation, simply browse through the templates in the "Online Design" section. You can use templates for invitation cards.

Wie schnell können Sie Geburtstagskarten drucken lassen?

The standard delivery time for cards and folding cards is three working days. The delivery time does not change, even if special types of refinement such as a high-gloss finish are ordered. Express print silver and express print gold can be selected for urgent orders. The print data and payment approval should be completed by 12 noon. In this case, the birthday cards are printed, refined and shipped on the same day. The birthday cards are generally delivered in Germany 24 hours after ordering.

The new trend: plug-in cards in the card slot

 Plug-in cards in the card slot Popular as a wedding invitation, invitation for special occasions or as exclusive Christmas cards are plug-in cards in the card slot. You can print this card innovation at our online printing shop. Card slider for plug-in cards TIP: Vote the color of the ribbon of the card with your card design.

Christmas cards in vintage style are the trend in 2017

 Christmas Card Merry Christmas Christmas cards in the vintage style or retro style are announced in 2017. Imaginative nostalgic templates are in demand. Here one can learn how this card was once created in the letterpress printing process and today is very easy to use online design and digital printing. Christmas cards Trend 2017

Create wedding invitations in the style of Art Nouveau

 Wedding reception There are new trends in wedding invitations. This map is inspired by Art Nouveau. For the first time as a wedding card this card should have circulated in the 70s. Now, brides have rediscovered the most beautiful things of the past. The wedding invitation is particularly charming by the cheeky photo. The dreamy writing-writing fits perfectly to the basic basics.
Learn here the new design style in the wedding cards.

Print cards with RGB data from the camera

 Digital printing with photooptics The left figure shows an RGB image. The Kodak - Digital printing systems print rgb-like. The print image looks like a photo when printing with RGB data. The right picture shows a CMYK image. The RIPs of offset printing systems and Xerox digital printing systems convert RGB colors similar to a CMYK image.
 Digital printing with RGB images For landscape shots, the color difference between RGB and CMYK is clearly visible in the blue of the sky. The RGB image on the left looks like a nice photo print. Our printing systems convert the color space similarly. The right picture shows a typical conversion to offset standard. The blue of the sky looks a bit too reddish.

Gold is incorruptible. No special color is more exciting.

 Cards print with gold Gold has fascinated people for thousands of years. Fonts and forms can be created in this special color. The King's discipline, however, is to penetrate a suitable photograph with the special color of gold. The professionals in our creative office will be glad to help you. These experts have the advantage that you can create test prints of your application with the special color Gold, with the aim of achieving a perfect print result for your cards.

Are you looking for templates or ideas for printing invitation cards?

You can print your cards at our online printing shop very cheaply and incredibly fast. If you are looking for nice templates or good ideas, we can help you. You can go here Create invitation cards . You will find a lot of suggestions and templates. Use the many tips on designing cards.

The most popular materials and formats for 18 theme cards

For the 18 most important topic cards, we have compiled your own headings for you. There you can find recommended print formats and materials, which are gladly ordered. The themes include: baptism cards, enrollment invitations, childrens birthday, wedding invitations, birthday invitations, silver wedding, golden wedding, thank you cards, photo cards, save the date cards, party invitations, christmas cards, vintage cards, retrocards, terminkars and bonus cards. Not to be forgotten are autograph cards and sedcards. Cotton cards are brand new.

Exceptional flyers and business cards

Flyers in DIN formats lack voltage. How about square or round flyers? Square flyers look like referrals. Round flyers or oval flyers remind of beer felts. Square, round and oval flyers .
Square business cards help to differentiate against other competitors. Here you can get to know 4 format and the tailor-made applications. The large business card square MEGA with 70 x 70 mm stands for a strong hand print. Business Card Square MEGA .

Why stationery and envelopes are often printed with HKS special colors

When it comes to the small print, a rastering of the font is disadvantageous. The readability of terms is better when the letters are printed as solid. A small font in gray can be displayed in HKS special colors better. Here you will find the problem solution for stationery and letter sheets. letterhead envelopes .